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HS Extracurricular

HS Sports, Clubs, and Activities Staff Listing:
HS Athletic Director Dan Beck               [email protected]
HS Cross Country
Chris McDermott
HS FB Flag Corp Emily Bressler        [email protected]
Varsity HS Football William Clark          [email protected]
Assistant HS Football Jeff Holley               [email protected]
Assistant HS Football Mike Bicksler          [email protected]
Var HS Volleyball Chelsey Ferguson  [email protected]
Fresh/Soph HS Volleyball Hayley Peacock      [email protected]
Head Boys HS Golf Joe Meade              [email protected]
Head Girls HS Golf Joe Guilinger           [email protected]
Var HS Boys Basketball Eric Naples             [email protected]
Var HS Girls Basketball Kurt VanHorn          [email protected]
F/S HS Girls Basketball Missy Hartman        [email protected]
HS Var BB Co Cheerleader Advisor AnnEtta Young        [email protected]
HS Var BB Co Cheerleader Advisor Katlyn Hanson        [email protected]
Var HS Wrestling Jeff McIntyre
F/S HS Wrestling Anthony Harrell
Var HS Track - Girls/Boys William Clark           [email protected]
HS Assist. Track Mike Bicksler          [email protected]
Var HS Academic Bowl Julie Wilson             [email protected]
HS Yearbook Advisor Angela Sheddan      [email protected]
HS Student Council Michelle Hartman     [email protected]
9th Grade Class Advisor Susan Waugh         [email protected]
10th Grade Class Advisor Dawn Cole              [email protected]
11th Grade Class Advisor Jessica Handel       [email protected]
11th Grade Class Advisor Chandra Paschal    [email protected]
12th Grade Class Advisor Michelle Hartman    [email protected]
Head of Drama/Play Denise Deter           [email protected]
Assist of Drama/Play Emily Bressler         [email protected]
Head of Musical Denise Deter           [email protected]
FCCLA Julie Wilson             [email protected]
FFA Kyle Christian          [email protected]
FFA Assistant Patricia Krug            [email protected]
Industrial Arts Maintenance Kyle Christian           [email protected]
National Board for Certified Counselors Kari Baisden             [email protected]