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West Carroll High School
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Important Dates to Remember

Physicals and Immunizations are due September 1.
ISBE Required Vision Exams are due Oct. 15 for new students entering West Carroll from out of state.
ISBE Required Dental Exams are due May 15 for 9th Graders (New requirement starting 2018-2019 School Year)

 Attention All Upcoming Kindergarten, 6th, 9th and 12th Graders

Those students entering Kindergarten, 6th,9th and 12th grades in 2016 are required to have an Illinois school physical and/or Proof of immunizations.

4 DtaP (booster after age 4)
4 Polio (booster after age 4)
2 Varicella (booster after age 4)
2 MMR (booster after age 4)
6th Grade
* All immunizations required for kindergarten
*Hep B

9th Grade


All immunizations required for 6th grade

12th Grade

2 meningococcal unless the first one is given after the age of 16

The DHS School physical form and proof of immunizations is due September 1 or before. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED!